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Which restaurant has the best pizza in Sparta?

Which restaurant has the best pizza in Sparta?

Now that our hamburger poll is done, we would like to find out what restaurant has the best pizza in Sparta. Login below and post a comment with your opinion. In a couple weeks, we'll launch our official poll which will include your suggestions. Thank you!

What restaurant serves the best hamburger in Sparta?

What restaurant serves the best hamburger in Sparta?

Hey Sparta!

WZZM13 wants to know what restaurant serves the best hamburger in your community. Please voice your opinion by completing the poll below. If your favorite isn’t on the list, choose other and enter it into the comment section below.

Then, the week of July 5th, we’ll have a poll on our WZZM13 Facebook page that consists of the top hamburger places from each of our 21 My Town communities.

Throughout the week of July 11th, our very own Lee Van Ameyde will visit each of the top five restaurants to sample their hamburgers for a segment that will air on WZZM13.

Finally, on Friday, July 15, we’ll reveal the restaurant that serves the best hamburger among our My Town communities.

Support your community by placing your vote below!


Downtown Trini's & Margarita Joe's

Downtown Trini's & Margarita Joe's

Have you ever eaten at Downtown Trini's & Margarita Joe's?  Well, Thursday nights are the best time to go.  Not only do you get to experience the great atmosphere, munch on chips and salsa, you can also order all you can eat tacos.

The All You Can Eat Tacos are from 4-9pm every Thursday.

Downtown Trinis and Margarita Joe's is located at 134 E. Division. Visit http://www.downtowntrinis.com/ for additional information.

Fish Dinner offered on April 8

Fish Dinner offered on April 8

The Knights of Columbus of Holy Family Church are sponsoring a Fish Dinner through the Lenten season on Friday, April 8 from 5 to 7pm at Holy Family Church at 425 South State Street in Sparta. This dinner includes: Buttercrumb Scrod, Baked Potato, Macaroni & Cheese & More. So, bring the family to Sparta to enjoy a delightful meal & a relaxing evening! $7 per adult, $4 for each child under 13 or $22 for immediate family max. Take out is available.

Great Food at Maple Street Restaurant!

By: Christi Cavalier

I had noticed we had a new restaurant in town called the Maple Street Restaurant.  I decided last week to finally scope it out so Elizabeth and I ordered take out from their lunch menu.  As I arrived to place my order I introduced myself to the new owner who was very friendly and courteous.  Elizabeth ordered chicken strips, which she absolutely enjoyed and myself a salad, which was quite delicious.  So, overall, the food and service made it  money well spent and we both agreed we would be back!

This restaurant is definitely recommended!!!

Maple Street Restaurant: 220 East Division St., (616) 887.7211.

Man reclaims taco eating record in Sparta

SPARTA, Mich. (WZZM)- Two weeks after his 10-year taco eating record fell a West Michigan man has reclaimed the honor. 

Tommy "Too Tall" Thompson ate 39 tacos Tuesday night at Downtown Trini's in Sparta.  He promised to reclaim the record when it was broken on September 28th. 

You may recall Jacob Larry broke Tommy's record by eating 38 tacos.  Both men are on Trini's Taco Wall of Fame.

Taco hero: Man sets eating record at Sparta restaurant

SPARTA, Mich. (WZZM) -- A man set a new taco-eating record Tuesday night, breaking the gastronomical mark that was set ten years ago at a Sparta restaurant.

Jacob Larry says he did not intend to break any records Tuesday when he went for a meal at Downtown Trini's and Margarita Joe's on Division St.  He says he only planned to eat 20 or 30 tacos.

Instead, Larry ate 38 hard and soft tacos, breaking a ten-year-old record at the restaurant.

"I was just in the mood," he says. "I've been big into eating challenges this year, and this is probably my fifth one."

Fellow diners rooted on Larry as he passed the 30 mark, then cheered when he finished off the last bite of a hard-shell taco to set the new record.

Trini Paiz, co-owner of the Sparta business, says she and friends came up with the idea of a "Taco Wall of Fame" in 1995 as a way to draw attention to the establishment.