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Discussion of the Howard Christensen Nature Center Future | Environment

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Discussion of the Howard Christensen Nature Center Future
Environment, Events, News

To those that would like to be involved in a discussion of Howard Christensen Nature Center (HCNC) (reopening) there will be a Town Hall Meeting at Tyrone Township Hall 28 East Muskegon Street, Kent City, MI 49330

For more information please contact Cindy Perski (616) 325-4554 cperski@charter.net

Date: March 3rd, 2011, Thursday Time 7:00 PM

Topics to be discussed

1. Those interested in servicing on a HCNC Board
2. Beneficiaries of income from events, programming, etc.
3. Fund raising, donations, etc.
4. Naming of the nonprofit
5. Events
6. Obstacles
7. Ideas

Please RSVP if you are coming, so we can have plenty of refreshment! cperski@charter.net

Mission: Inspirational leadership and excellences to advance all walks of life to give back to nature while receiving outdoors benefits, learning to love nature’s beauty to mankind, mentally, spiritually and physically. To superbly manage Howard Christen Nature Center (HCNC) to give the community opportunities that enhances their admiration, knowledge, and overseer of the natural environment, to involve community as a partnership among mankind collectively.

Environment, Events, News