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A Strange Foam Discovered at the Middle School | Schools

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A Strange Foam Discovered at the Middle School
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From: http://www.spartaschools.org
By Zac Curtis and Maddie Rummler

The Kent Intermediate School District had a few of their specially trained instructors from the Aeronautics Education Lab, stop by the 8th grade science classes at the Middle School and get things foaming with a chemical reaction that got students talking. The purpose of the lab was to teach these 8th grade students about the types of plastics that NASA uses in their rockets and shuttles and let them experience making them.

The plastics lab consisted of a few chemicals that when mixed together made a root beer looking foam. There were two plastics made: A higher tougher plastic and a softer lower one that the students enjoyed creating. “I really liked how the cup started getting hot,” said Karen Ramirez, a student,
“It was also really cool watching it grow!”

“My favorite part was mixing the chemicals,” said Joe Ridout, another student. The students were allowed to take their creations home. This plastics experiment was a fun chance to experience science in a different way in the classroom and informed the class about the way NASA works and how plastics are used in everyday life. All in all the students had fun, enjoyed the lab and hope they can use what they learned in the years to come attending the district’s summer camp program have been in charge of watering throughout the summer.

Schools, Weird