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A Gift Without Offense… | News

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A Gift Without Offense…

My friend, Kelly, is always incredibly busy.  However, I know she really enjoys taking time for herself to go to the gym for an exercise class or to go tanning before a vacation so she doesn’t burn to a crisp.  Sometimes going-to-the-gym takes a good excuse to get motivated again. Everybody is busy these days preparing for the holidays, taking care of the house, family, work, pets… so a little inspiration to take care of yourself can really go a long way. Naturally, I chose to pick out her gift this year at The Club Fitness and Tanning.

Let’s face it, though… buying someone a gift certificate to an exercise gym can seem harsh. The last thing I want is for Kelly to open up the gift and think, “Wow, she thinks I’m a big, fat, fatty!” Marguerite, the owner of The Club, gave me some advice on how to tactfully give her a gift certificate by pointing out the health benefits of a healthy mind and body.

Marguerite suggested that I add a card to mention how I want to make sure Kelly is taking some time, every day, for herself. She even gave me an inspirational quote to put in the card, “Strong mind and strong body makes for a healthy life.”  However, something maybe more fitting for my outgoing and busy friend Kelly might be, “Strong mind and strong body makes Kelly much more enjoyable to be around!!! Make sure to take some time for yourself, girl!  You deserve it!”